Home Loan

For many home buyers the process of applying for a loan and going through all the paperwork is very daunting because there are a lot of steps to be completed. Gold Palace doesn’t just provide you luxury apartments in Mangalore at affordable rates. We also make it, as convenient as possible to help you complete the registration process.

We work with many banks in Mangalore and we understand the processes that are required to be completed in order to buy an apartment here. We tell you everything you need to know about what documents you need and the other requirements you need to fulfill in order to obtain your home loans.

  • We have associations with several banks in Mangalore in order to make the process quicker
  • You will be able to obtain a loan from practically any bank in Mangalore, as our projects are approved by them
  • We even provide you with dedicated handlers in order to complete all the formalities, so you can save time and a lot of effort

What happens when you apply for a loan?

All buyers looking for a home loan for affordable apartments in Mangalore go through more or less the same processes. Here is a typical home loan application scenario:

  • You choose your bank and submit the application form with the relevant documents (we help you with this matter)
  • A bank employee visits you personally to talk about the details of the home loan
  • The bank goes through one or more background checks to verify the details according to the documents submitted by you
  • The bank uses various methods to determine whether your financial status is stable enough for them to approve your loan application
  • If the bank is satisfied, they will send you a letter containing the offer for the loan. You can read all about the interest rates, floating rates and other terms and conditions here
  • Once you accept the loan offer, the bank goes ahead with legal proceedings where it validates the documents and notifies the relevant authorities for further examination
  • Usually the next step is verifying the property and determining its value. However, since Gold Palace is a well-established name as a top builder in Mangalore, this process is guaranteed to pass the test
  • Once that is done, the loan is passed and the apartment is registered in your name as the loan is disbursed by the bank to us

You don’t need to worry too much about these processes because our representative will always be with you to make it as quick as possible. This is one of the main reasons why many NRIs come to us for luxury apartments in Mangalore.