Who We Are

Gold Palace Promoters and Builders are one of the top builders in Mangalore. Our company was born more than 50 years ago, and in that period, we have built some of the most luxurious and high quality multi-storied residential apartments in the city. At a time, when builders are looking to cut corners in order to drive down prices, we put the “high end” in high end living, through our expert engineering and intense focus on delivering excellent results.

Our luxury apartments in Mangalore are the most attractive opportunism for investors in real estate. Many of our homebuyers are NRI’s, who are looking to maximize their returns.


We have always envisioned the perfect life for homebuyers, with absolutely no compromises. When you a buy a home from us, we want to see that you are completely satisfied and excited by the prospect of owning a new home.

We have never believed that one size fits all, as everybody has their own taste. While our expert engineering and architecture ensures that you have a very reliable and durable apartment, our services ensure that you can turn it into the home you want.

You feel the ultimate comfort, when you feel that you truly own your home. Ultimately, our vision is to see our customers lead a happy and peaceful life and our affordable apartments in Mangalore are the perfect foundation for that.


When we started out 50 years ago, it was our mission to become one of the top builders in Mangalore. Having achieved that, it is our aim to improve your quality of life by providing you with a well-engineered abode for you to relax and enjoy life. Our mission is based on ideals, but we have the expertise to make that a reality. Here is what makes our luxury apartments in Mangalore special for homebuyers:

  • Ideal and convenient locations
  • Planned by experienced and highly qualified engineers and architects
  • Complete support for buying, renting, leasing and selling apartments
  • Modern amenities for complete luxury
  • Designed to give you utmost comfort
  • High quality interiors including lighting fixtures, furniture and other fittings
  • Full-fledged maintenance service for problem free living

With the experience gathered over many years of building hotels, luxury apartments and affordable apartments in Mangalore, these are the qualities that we know, will give you ultimate satisfaction.

Quality Policy

Many factors have contributed to our rise to become the best builders in Mangalore. Chief among them is the quality of our projects. We have always laid the strongest emphasis on building strong and durable properties that stand the test of time. Not only do we have the most professional team in the business, but we also validate our designs through rigorous testing.

Everything from the material for your furniture to the building blocks of your apartment is carefully chosen after thorough testing. This is why we are able to provide you with the best apartments in Mangalore. We have prided ourselves on beating the competition with high quality projects and we never let up on that ideal.