Before I bought an apartment, I looked at more than a dozen properties. I chose Gold Palace because not only did they have the best locations, but they also had great prices. If ever the phrase “value for money” made sense, this is it.

Hameed Moideen, Business Man, Muscat - Oman

I live outside India for most of the year. Hence, I have rented my apartment at Gold Palace. The management here has helped me in finding reliable tenants and finding me good prices for renting out the apartment, which is a big help for me. If you want to invest in real estate, this is one of the better projects in Mangalore.

Mohammed Ali, Saudi Arabia

If you are looking for an apartment in Mangalore, Gold Palace is probably the best place to look. I have a spacious home, but to add to that, the amenities provided are top class and much more than I would have expected. In a few words, it is “luxury on a budget”.

Anwar Hussain, Business Man, Mangalore